awaken youtube cover e1673861961106 1280x600 - AWAKEN ~ A COLD WATER SURF FILM


Stepping through the portal on a quest to surf the best cold water waves on Earth. Shot over the last four years, Awaken is the story of a group of brave souls who are deeply connected to nature and specifically the frozen waters of the North Atlantic Ocean. Their commitment to such a pure pursuit is a reminder that everything we need to thrive is already provided by Mother Earth.

This was our passion project and full length follow up to ‘Trip The Light’. We wanted to capture the best cold water waves currently known about and a few brand new waves on their very best days. Some of these spots only break for a few hours each year and we made sure we were there to capture the chance to score it. It took many years to pull it off, but it’s our proudest work so far.

Featuring: Oli Adams, Taz Knight, Noah Lane, Gearoid Mcdaid and Conor Maguire

A film by Reverse Paradise : Directed by Oli Adams

Directors of Cinematography : Megan Jones and Jacob Bartrop

Principal Cinematography : Megan Jones, Jacob Bartrop, Seth Hughes and Oli Adams

Additional Cinematography : Mikey Corker, Mathew Ham, Tim Boydell, Olly Fawcett, Ollie Treacher and Josh Hughes

Still Photography : Megan Jones and Luke Gartside

Sound Mix : Boyde

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