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Oli Adams


Oli is a Co-Creator of Reverse Paradise and has been a professional surfer since leaving school, where he graduated from the prestigious Raglan Surf Academy. He was the number one rated British surfer on the World Tour for a number of years, as well as holding multiple national titles in both the UK and New Zealand.

However, Oli’s competitive career took a major setback when he was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. This debilitating illness hindered his ability to continue competing at the highest level. To save his life, Oli had to make the difficult decision to give up his spot on the tour and undergo surgery, which resulted in him losing his colon and requiring a colostomy bag.

During his battle with Crohn’s Disease and subsequent recovery, Oli discovered a new passion for exploring freezing cold locations and creating surf films.

He made his first film ‘The Hunt for Hipmasama’ with a go pro and edited it on Imovie. Soon after it went on to win ‘Best British film’ at The London Surf Film Festival.

Since that time he has directed and surfed in two Vimeo Staff Picks for ‘Trip the Light’ and ‘Huru’, as well as his biggest work to date with ‘Awaken’.

He continues to surf professionally and his biggest goal is to raise his vibration as high as possible, whilst inspiring others to do the same.

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Megan Jones


Megan is a Co-Creator of Reverse Paradise. With her expertise in Graphic Communications, she brings a wealth of experience from working in design agencies and as a freelancer. Megan finds inspiration in nature and has found a way to integrate her passion into her work.

In Reverse Paradise, Megan’s contributions include photography, cinematography, graphics, and art. She uses her skills to capture the beauty of the world around us and convey powerful messages through visual mediums. Her creativity and artistic vision are evident in her work, and she is dedicated to creating meaningful and impactful content.

Megan’s ideas stem from a deep connection with her source of inspiration. She taps into her intuition and channels her ideas from a place of authenticity and passion. She is thrilled to be part of the co-creation process in bringing about a peaceful and loving new earth. As we transition into a beautiful new age, Megan is committed to using her talents to contribute to this transformative journey.

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Jacob Bartrop

Water and Land Cinematography

Jacob is a fearless bodyboarder who charges heavy waves and has taken that love and experience into filming. He specialises in water filming, but also has a passion for capturing action from the beach with his RED Dragon camera.

He has spent years living a life of chasing waves all over the world and even camps out alone for months at a time on remote islands in the Atlantic ocean.

His work on ‘AWAKEN – A COLD WATER SURF FILM’ is incredible and he committed to moving to Ireland for a whole winter to make sure we got every spot on the best days. The images he captured in the final section are still blowing our mind every time we see them.

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Seth Hughes

Water/Land/Drone Cinematography

Seth is originally from London and started filming young surfers during training sessions. From there he expanded into making his own edits, and his love for the Ocean has led him to be able to make a living from documenting it’s beauty and the people who play in it.

He single handedly filmed our award winning short ‘Huru’ and contributed massively to our new Full length ‘Awaken’. His personal project ‘ Window’ also earned a ‘Staff Pick’ from Vimeo

Beyond that he has just started a new connection to nature Instagram page called ‘urfromere’ that has gone viral, and his work has been utilised by massive brands including Longines, Finistere and Dior.

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Jo Burroughs

Product design

Jo is a Designer/Pattern Cutter who is based in Bristol. She is also the one who makes our made to order pieces like our RP Bags in her studio.

Before getting on board with us at Reverse Paradise, Jo has had a varied career from working for Burberry to being Gemma Collins personal seamstress.

Her main focus is on designing for long lasting function with an eco-conscious mindset. Her design style is all about developing products that are both kind to our bodies and the world we live in.

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Sam Boydell

Head of Sound

Sam’s career started from working with the likes of Gareth Young (Sugababes), Stephen Lipson (Hans Zimmer) and Mark Hill (Craig David), but has now grown into being credited for composing many award-winning Commercials as well as Documentaries like the Amazon Pick, ‘Endless Winter 2’ (2017) and the drift-racing epic, ‘Clipping Point’ (2022) rated at 9.3/10 on IMDb.

Constantly working amongst film creators, it made sense that Sam began facilitating the sound department as well and after a decade in the industry, is considered one of the premiere sound recordists & commercial mixers in the UK, having worked with the likes of David Beckham, ITV and Ferrari.

Further enterprises include continuation of the music label 60hz with Mark Hill, building an open door studio to develop new artists and those at a disadvantage in this industry.

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